Which Memory Foam Pillow Is Best For My Side Sleeper Update 05/2022

Which Memory Foam Pillow Is Best For My Side Sleeper?

There are different things to consider when selecting the best memory foam pillow for a side sleeper. Some of these are discussed below.

best memory foam pillow

The preferred method of bed position is to use the back to support the body. This prevents you from straining the spine in back sleepers because the body is supported on the uppermost part of the body. In addition, the head does not have to be supported by the lower half of the body because the lower back supports it.

You should select a pillow that has the correct fill. A firm filling may cause too much pressure on the neck and spine, thus causing neck stiffness. Therefore, a memory foam pillow for a side sleeper must have a firm foam.

The back support is very important. The head has no way to support itself unless the head is supported by the back. Therefore, a memory foam pillow for a side sleeper should be well-formed to support the spine properly. The shape of the pillow will usually be a quad or wedge.

Most side sleeper pillows are adjustable to allow side sleeper to customize the height of the pillow. With the quads and wedges, the lower portion of the mattress may be raised up in order to give proper back support. However, most prefer a more standard type of pillow. The standard size is typically six inches at the base, with the back section being six inches wide.

As the head is resting on top of the pillow, there is an opportunity for a pillow to collapse or become lodged in the face. Because the body must support the head and neck, the forehead cannot relax and move in any direction. Consequently, head, neck and shoulders will be supported. This results in better sleep.

When considering a memory foam pillow for a side sleeper, it is important to choose one that has padding. The front of the pillow has a cushioning layer, but the bottom has no padding at all. This results in frequent shifting.

Most side sleeper pillows have small feet to allow the user to put the pillow on the floor when not in use. This is important because the foot slips over the base when not in use. Therefore, the pillow will need to be level.

Other tips include always buying the side sleeper in medium thickness, although some companies may make bigger types. The head of the memory foam pillow should be adjusted correctly so that the top of the head will lie on the neck. It is difficult to support the whole head with the lower portion because the head will move around.

Never buy the memory foam pillow if the pillow is made out of too thin foam. This can result in snoring or fatigue during the night. Always buy the best memory foam pillow for a side sleeper when it is thicker and it will hold the head more tightly.

For back sleepers, a memory foam pillow will not be as useful because the head will be unsupported by the lower body. Therefore, the sides of the memory foam pillow are usually designed for back sleepers. It is good for side sleeper pillows to be shaped differently.

Once the best memory foam pillow for a side sleeper is selected, you can go ahead and get one. In addition, you will want to set up your new pillow properly. While it will cost a little more, it will provide you with a much better night’s sleep.

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